Repost Expired Ad

Repost Expired Ad

When your ads expire, they go into the Archived ads Folder. You can repost or Boost your ads in the Archived ads Folder. If you do nothing, your ads will be automatically deleted.

So, here is how to repost or Boost your Ad from Archived ads Folder

-Step 1: Log into your account
-Step 2: Tap the Folder Archived ads to display your archived ads.
-Step 3: Tap Boost Ad by any ad and then select a Package.
-Step 4: Select a Package and follow the steps to make payment. (You will be returned to "My ads Page" after you have completed payment)
-Step 5: Tap “Boost AD” by any of your ads to automatically boost that ad. You will be able to boost as much ad in the package you selected.


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